Chapter 1: New Tomorrows

Ann Marie, a slim blonde girl, stood on the foredeck of the ship in perfectly calm waters; the calm before a storm. She thought about everything that had occurred during the last year; her father’s passing, her dismissal from school, her struggles to retain her only inheritance, the Blue Sail, her father’s ship. Ann Marie would never forget 1989, the year these three events nearly sank her spirit.

The only sounds disrupting the dense silence were her breath and the sputtering of the single candle in the lantern. Finally, the candle died completely and she was alone save for the companionship of the shining disk of the moon and the surrounding stars. Through the moonlight, Ann Marie could see that her ship was approaching the Scottish coast, her Mother’s homeland.

Ann saw her Mother for the last time when she was four years old, the day her Father and Mother left for France, never to return. Ann wonders everyday if her Mother is still alive. Would her Mother recognize the little girl she left with tears in her eyes who had become the strong beautiful woman she is today?

Lightning flashed on the distant horizon, heralding a fierce storm, but Ann, deep in thought, took no notice. She was jolted into action by the sudden furious high waves and the wild swinging of the broken lantern. She swiftly made her way to the security of the cabin, locked herself in and prayed that her ship would survive the storm. But her prayers went unheeded as wave after wave gushed into the cabin. She attempted in vain to prevent more water from entering the cabin, but she failed. Ann realized to her horror that she was trapped in the cabin as the ship began to sink under the waves. She cried out desperately for help, but no one heard her as she sank into unconsciousness as her ship sank to the bottom.


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