Chapter 2: Discovered

 Cold, unbearable smell and a clamour of the birds. Where is she? She slowly opened her eyes. Stone beach, rising sun and the docks full of various shaped and sized ships. She hadn't time for thinking about where she is, she lifted up on her hands and she began to take a breath, trying to not suffocate. To take a breath was with every cough easier and easier. It took some time, but finally, the painful heaviness was gone.

Chapter 1: New Tomorrows

Ann Marie, a slim blonde girl, stood on the foredeck of the ship in perfectly calm waters; the calm before a storm. She thought about everything that had occurred during the last year; her father’s passing, her dismissal from school, her struggles to retain her only inheritance, the Blue Sail, her father’s ship. Ann Marie would never forget 1989, the year these three events nearly sank her spirit.

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